Ownership with Ctrl V Webinar

Introduction to Ctrl V (Part 1)

If you’re interested in opening your own virtual reality arcade and getting into business for yourself (rather than by yourself), then this video is for you. Learn a bit about Ctrl V in this introductory video. Find out what Ctrl V is, the history behind the company, why Ctrl V started franchising, various achievements and accolades that the business has received, and of course, learn why opening your own Ctrl V location could be the right decision for you to get into entrepreneurship.

Franchise Ownership (Part 2)

When considering opening your own virtual reality arcade with Ctrl V it is important to know what franchise ownership looks like with Ctrl V. In this video, we cover the DNA of a successful franchisee (what it takes to build a business that works), the extent to which community involvement and organic, grassroots, marketing are valuable, as well as we take a quick stroll through the vetting process required to open a Ctrl V location.

Our Systems (Part 3)

Ctrl V has developed a number of systems within the franchising sphere to make sure that our owners are set up as much for success as possible. In this video, we talk about the Ctrl V training program, the coaching and support systems, marketing facilitation, the proprietary Ctrl Suite operating system, and a bit about the content available at Ctrl V locations.

Investment & Financials (Part 4)

Getting into business for yourself with Ctrl V requires some financial preparedness. And so, in this video, we break down the numbers behind opening a Ctrl V location. We start off by discussing the initial investment requirements and then go into discussing the franchise royalty, and the ad fund.

Real Estate & Demographics (Part 5)

One of the keys to opening a successful virtual reality arcade is making sure you pick the right real estate and understand your customer demographic. In this video, we tackle both of those subjects and get into some of the nitty-gritty of each to help show how the Ctrl V support center is by your side the whole time.

Competition & Technology (Part 6)

Any virtual reality arcade faces different formats of competition. In this video, we chat about the different levels of competition that face Ctrl V and other virtual reality arcades, and how the team at Ctrl V deals with the scope of the market. After that, we dive into how technology changes and upgrades affect the future of VR and Ctrl V.

Competitive Advantages (Part 7)

Learn about the various competitive advantages and durable economic moats that the Ctrl V system has in this video. We cover advantages on a B2C level as well as on a B2B level so you can rest assured that opening your own VR arcade with Ctrl V is the right decision.