Owner Training

New franchise owners will participate in an intensive 2-week training program at the Ctrl V® flagship location in Waterloo, Ontario. Training will consist of classroom components in the mornings and practical arcade components in the afternoons. It will cover all major aspects of operating a Ctrl V® business.

The training will focus on Ctrl V® specific material and will also cover general business fundamentals. In order to pass the training program, owners must receive an overall grade of 90% or better.

Franchisees will return to Ctrl V® Waterloo for a follow-up 3-day refresher course on practical operational skills prior to opening.

Week 1: The Ctrl V® Way

  • Company History & Vision
  • Brand Introduction & Guidelines
  • Franchisor/Franchisee Obligations
  • In-Arcade Practical Training
  • In-Arcade Observation & Gameplay
  • Market Research Processes
  • Bug Reporting Process
  • VR Hardware/RMAs
  • Game Related Processes
  • Marketing Approval Processes
  • Mobile Event Processes
  • Customer Service Training

Week 2: Business Fundamentals

  • Location Search & Leasehold Improvements
  • Deployment Process & Equipment Ordering
  • Employee Onboarding and Terminations
  • PC Setup Procedures
  • In-Arcade Observations and Gameplay
  • New Hire Profile
  • Administrative Functions Form
  • Opening Day Marketing Process
  • Social Media Creation, Postings, Ads
  • G-Suite Training
  • Finance Management
  • Legal

Touch-up Training

After the owner finishes the first two weeks of training and passes the assessment, they’ll go back to their respective homes and begin working on deploying everything that they’ve learned. This includes procuring real estate and leasehold improvements, building out, opening day marketing, pre-opening marketing, hiring, and a whole multitude of other things.

Because the above can take some time, a lot of the practical training that an owner may have learned could be not as fresh anymore. And so right before their grand opening, the owners will return to Waterloo for 3 days in order to complete a refresher course. This will cover things like operating our systems, customer service, game knowledge, etc., and will ensure that they open with a Bang!