Ctrl V® Supports Sick Kids with Mask Fundraiser

So we all have heard about COVID-19. And we all know the various effects that it has had on people, the economy, and our way of life – at least in the short term. But that hasn’t stopped the team at Ctrl V® from innovating ways to work with new regulations (including those that require the wearing of face masks in public places). And this time, Ctrl V® is using its innovations to help the community even further.

Every year in November, Ctrl V® hosts a massive virtual reality gaming competition that spans 24 hours. This competition is run alongside Extra Life®, a charitable initiative that works to raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network.

In the wake of public health requirements to wear masks in public places, Ctrl V® has launched a fundraiser selling masks for charity. Portions of the proceeds from the mask sales are going to support the Extra Life® initiative.

How cool is that? Rock on to all of the supporters, customers, and franchisees of Ctrl V® for getting on board with such a great causing and helping out which need our support.

If you’re looking to purchase a mask to support the initiative, simply donate, or inquire about a way that you can get involved, reach out to contact@ctrlv.ca